It's time to roll the credits.


old doodle ( ⊙ω⊙)

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11/11/13 Happy pocky day!
this is so messy and inconsistent lmao

You pissed me off to the very end, Nigredo.

Jean: *beats Marco at video games*
Jean: Haha! Suck my dick Marco!
Marco: Ok
Jean: what
Marco: what

Video game meme: [1/7] female characters - Molly 

I kept it a secret. Kept her safe for as long as I could. But in the end, I couldn’t protect her. That’s when I got out. Crawford, they always talked about how their system worked, how anything was better than becoming one of them. But I saw what they’d already become. I just wished I could have seen it before it was too late. Before they came and took my sister away.


in which jean and marco are total queen dweebs

Video Game Challenge → [3/?] Friendships
✗ Clementine and Lee (The Walking Dead)

"What, uh, happened to him?"
"The same thing that happens to everyone. But he saved me, first. Lots of times."


sickest burn ever.

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"I’m scared, Lee."


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kieren walker + boots

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"What am I going to do? I’ll follow the order. I’ll keep the titans out. That’s what you think we should do too, right, Armin?"

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ベルトルト・フーバー | Humanitie’s Sweatiest » Bertholdt Ho

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